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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Teachers: Mrs Padgett & Miss Barker
Classroom Assistants: Miss Gregory


Throughout the year, every child will receive spellings (age and stage appropriate) which should be learned at home. The children are expected to learn them and use them in their daily writing.

There are a few simple steps, which as a parent you can follow to help your child learn their spellings each week.

  1. Practise writing them out whilst they are looking at them.
  2. Cover them up and let them have a go.
  3. Repeat this process about 5 times.
  4. Get your child to write the words into sentences to make sure they understand the meaning of them, and that they can use them correctly in their writing.

The links below have extra words to practise the spelling patterns sent home each week.

Term List
Autumn Term List 1
Spring Term List 2
Summer Term List 3

Weekly Spelling sheets

Spellings Test Date
 Alternative graphemes to express the ‘j’ phoneme. 20th September 2017
 C grapheme  27th September 2017

 silent letters – group 1

Phase 3 words group 2

 4th October 2017


il, al an y endings

Phase 3 and 4 words group 2 set 3

18th October 2017


16th November 2017
ai alternatives 23rd November 2017
ee alternatives 30th November 2017

All children are expected to read, write and spell key words by the end of the academic year, please find copy of them below.

1st 100 High Frequency Words

2nd 100 High Frequency Words

3rd 100 High Frequency Words

All children need to learn the common exception words.

Common Exception Words Years 1 and 2 Word Mat Cursive Black and White


Homework is given out every Thursday to be returned by the following Wednesday. Homework will be linked to work covered in class during the week. Children are expected to read and practise their spellings as well. This is designed to be something which your child can complete with a small amount of support. It is important that homework is completed as it helps to consolidate learning. If you have any questions regarding homework which is sent home, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Homework Date Due

10 Times Tables

Only complete pages 2-3

30th November 2017


We follow the same scheme the children have used during their time in Foundation Stage and Year 1. We change children’s books everyday. We encourage children to take ownership of changing books, they are encouraged to place them into the ‘Changing book’ tray on a morning. Please take a couple of minutes each night to read with your child and make a comment in their reading record.

Please use the link below to help you with suitable questions you could ask your child during reading activities.

Reading Questions 


Children have PE every Friday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a pair of PE shoes in school on this day. Every morning the children will be having an extra PE sessions for 15 minutes as they arrive in school. 

What are we learning this half term?

Our topic this half term is ‘London’s Burning and Parliament’. We will be looking at the history of London and how the Great Fire started and what impact it has had on today’s society. It is important for all children to understand that history is important today.

During writing sessions all children will be encouraged to use a cursive handwriting script and to ensure punctuation in all sentences is accurate.

Please use this video out PowerPoint to help support your child at home with developing a cursive style handwriting script.



Key skills are very important. Your child needs to learn the key facts below. Learning these key facts will help your child develop their speed and understanding of maths.

Subtraction Facts

Alternative ideas to express addition/subtraction

Addition Fact

Expectations for addition through Year 1 and Year 2


Termly Newsletters

Year 2 Newsletter Autumn