A Positive Space That Brings Our School Community Together

At Hemlington Hall Academy, we use Class Dojo to communicate with our parents.

ClassDojo connects teachers with pupils and parents to build amazing classroom communities. It gives pupils a voice as they can showcase and share their learning by adding photos and videos to their own portfolios. It allows us to bring every family into our classrooms and share all our magic moments with parents and family.

ClassDojo is used for:

Sharing whole school and class stories, dates, events and updates.

Celebrating the achievements of our children and school.

Accessing home learning on class pages.

Celebrating and sharing positive news from home

Supporting parents and pupils with their learning.

Messaging staff – sometimes it’s the little things that make life smoother. ‘He’s forgotten his trainers. Will drop them up at lunchtime.’. ‘Not feeling great this morning. Ring me if he gets any worse.’ ‘Grandma will be picking her up.’

Informing parents of minor First Aid incidents that have happened during the day. A photo of First Aid slip will be sent to the parents. The slip will also go home.

To notify of a medical appointment, attaching a photo of the of the appointment card or letter.

ClassDojo is not to be used for:

Reporting pupil absence.

Staff reporting concerns that a child might have had during the day. Staff will always ring to speak with the parents directly.

To file a complaint. (Please follow procedure as outlined in Complaints policy)

It you have any concerns and feel that you need to speak to a teacher or a member of staff, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.