Hemlington Hall Academy’s Remote Learning offers our children instant access to continue their learning at home. Through ClassDojo and our Class Home Learning pages on this website, children and parents have access to online learning from home through a range of materials and resources. From the government’s Oak Online Classroom, to our very own teachers’ live or uploaded sessions,  your child will be able to access their learning in the comfort of their own home. ClassDojo allows parents / carers to monitor their child’s learning and achievements, receiving the latest news and updates, as well as the ability to communicate directly with teaching staff. If your child needs any support with technology/devices or data, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Individuals or groups of Self-Isolating Pupils / Whole School Closure

We have a step by step Remote Learning Strategy, which in the event of a child/ren not able to attend school, they can still continue their learning at home. There is a clear expectation of the teaching materials the child/ren will have access to, as well as  clear expectations of  the child. Each class teacher will use a remote learning plan to ensure online learning resources matches their current year group and needs. The sessions recap previous knowledge and skills taught, as well as introducing new concepts. This is achieved through a range of digital methods: from virtual lessons / recorded sessions or ‘live’ lessons ensuring children have a rich and good learning experience. Class Dojo and the class Home Learning page ensures that tasks can be uploaded easily by the children which the teacher can mark and monitor and provide instant feedback for both children and parents/carers. All work will be presented on the class’ home learning web page, sharing the timetable for the week ahead. A calendar of the last week’s work will be present on this page to give our families and pupils flexibility if learning has be missed for whatever reason. Our staff are on hand to support children and families through the school day, supporting with learning or technology needs.

Our remote learning procedures are detailed below, if you have any queries please just ask.

Remote Learning – Home School Agreement

During these very difficult times we see the link between home and school as pivotal in keeping connected and providing education, support and care whilst you are part of our school family. As such, we want you to know that you can expect and rely on us to do our very best by your child and family. In return, we hope you and your child will do the same for us – helping to ensure that your child is as happy and supported as much as they possibly can be.

The school will:

  • Use different mediums to continue to care for and educate your child – treating them with respect, kindness and understanding
  • Provide your child with daily English, maths and topic based activities
  • Provide opportunities via video calls in order to stay in touch and keep connected
  • Ensure that staff are always dressed appropriately
  • Ensure that staff always remain professional, using appropriate language at all times
  • Ensure that any devices used for online lessons or catch up meetings will be set up in an appropriate area
  • Try our very best to ensure members of staff will not be interrupted by other family members
  • Always follow the protocols within the ICT Acceptable Use Policy
  • Take all reasonable measures to keep your child safe

As Parents / Carers, I/we will: 

  • Listen to my child read regularly
  • Support my child to complete some form of home-schooling and communicate it through the Class Dojo app
  • Ensure that, when my child is taking part in a video call, they will not be interrupted inappropriately by other family members
  • Ensure that, wherever possible, that there is an adult present in the room (or nearby) whilst their child is taking part in video calls with their teacher
  • Ensure my child is always dressed appropriately
  • Read the school letters, e-mails, Class Dojo messages and newsletters to ensure we are informed about school life and important dates
  • Keep school up to date with all contact details and personal and medical information to ensure the school can support my child to the best of their ability
  • Support the school’s policy of high expectations of behaviour and attitude
  • Inform the school if there are any issues or events that may affect my child’s work, behaviour or happiness
  • Not record or screen shot any on-line video call

As a pupil I will:

  • Join the video calls as often as I possibly can and be on time
  • Be properly dressed
  • Do my best at all times
  • Be well behaved, well-mannered and respectful to all those joining the video call
  • Tell a teacher if something makes me unhappy or worried
  • Keep myself and others safe at all times
  • Not record or screen shot any of the session