Mrs He & Mrs Woodier

Base 3 is a 12-place Resourced Base Provision (or SEND Unit) for children with Special Educational Needs.

In Base 3, we recognise that every child is a unique person! Our aim is provide all of our children with a warm, welcoming environment where they feel valued, safe and encouraged to make the best possible progress academically, socially, communicatively and emotionally from their own individual starting point.

Base staff work together to get to know each of our children as individuals and to provide them with a highly stimulating environment with child-accessible resources and appropriate, yet challenging learning opportunities delivered through independent learning tasks and direct teaching, both indoors and outdoors.

Our children love to come to school and they have lots of fun, make friends, learn to do many new things and to develop their own identities. They learn the skills to express their thoughts, feeling and understanding, enabling them to control their own actions, make choices and become independent learners.

Our children will grow, change and develop significantly over their time in Base 3 and we are always so very proud of the wonderful individuals they become!

Learning Environment

Children in Base 3 are taught in a dedicated classroom which is placed in the heart of KS2. It has its own break out area set up with independent challenges as well as toys for children to access in their free time. It has toilet facilities nearby.


Children in Base 3 are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum. It is delivered using a wide range of teaching methods, which enables staff to accommodate individual needs and allows each child to reach their full potential.

Base 3 has a 2 year rolling programme of ‘contexts’ that staff use as a thread through all National
Curriculum subject areas.

Teaching and Learning

Base 3 continues to promote independence and develop child’s perseverance and stamina to complete longer learning activities. Staff will work with children to develop skills to help them be Secondary School ready. 

Base 3 has a dedicated Class Teacher and 2 Teaching Assistants.

There are clearly defined routines in place and children are expected to use the visual timetable to follow the daily routine.

Children in Base 3 complete a range of activities throughout the day linked to their topic. The staff will work with children to become more independent in completing activities whilst ensuring they are well supported. Children will also access independent challenge activities as well as opportunities to choose and lead their own play.

Staff use a variety of teaching methods to support child’s core skills including, but not limited to, modelling, shared writing, use of individual whiteboards, your turn, my turn, use of laptops and so on.

Positive Partnerships

We believe in strong partnerships between staff, children and parents/carers. We have effective relationships and work closely with other professionals, such as Educational Psychologists, our school nursing team, speech & language therapists, to ensure our children are fully supported. We promote inclusion with peers in mainstream education through educational visits and activities.

We provide opportunities for parents/carers to be involved in their child’s learning and will invite parents to join us in school for fun and engaging activities including Christmas craft day, Mother’s Day, World Book Day and Sports day to name a few. We value parents/carers knowledge and understanding about their children and work together to make sure every child reaches their full potential.

Staff work closely with parents and feeder Secondary Schools to ensure that children are well supported and prepared for when they transition.