Attendance at Hemlington Hall Academy

Striving for Excellent Attendance!

Our children at Hemlington Hall Academy are trying really hard to attend school everyday. Attendance is really important to us because we need to be at school to move our learning forward.

It is important that all children attend school everyday and that they are in time for the start if the day!


If your child is going to be absent due to illness please make sure you ring and notify school office before the start of the school day to ensure the teachers can be informed. Please do not notify staff about your child’s absence through Dojo message as this might not be read until later in the day.

School will not authorise holidays during school times unless the Head Teacher can be satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances. Please refer to our Attendance Policy below

Attendance Policy

Leave of Absence Form

Please read the guidance on attendance below.

Important Information for Parents about Attendance