Hemlington Hall Academy


At Hemlington Hall Academy we pride ourselves in providing an outstanding education for all children from the age of three to eleven. Our Early Years provision has excellent facilities which provides all children with an excellent start to their education and establishes secure foundations for learning, as well as encouraging children to become life long learners. Our school nursery provides children with the opportunity of 30 hours provision and beginning school just before their third birthday.


Children enter Reception in September to engage in our creative, stimulating and thriving environment where the curriculum enables children to flourish by applying their learning and skills and follow their own interests.

As children move through the school into Key Stage 1 and 2 they will continue to grow to maximise their academic, creative, social and emotional potential. All classes are well resourced with equipment and staff to continue their learning journey through school.

As you walk through the school you can experience the learning journey our children have taken through the immersive and attractive displays, demonstrating our love of learning. Throughout the school there are technology areas, libraries and spacious classroom areas, which are well resourced and support the quality of teaching and learning at Hemlington Hall Academy.

At Hemlington Hall Academy we pride ourselves in being a very inclusive school, we recognise that all children are individual and have specific needs at different times. Therefore our curriculum is adapted and remodelled to bring learning to life for all, making it enjoyable and ensuring children are prepared for the world outside.

We pride ourselves in offering children with specific or Special Educational Needs (SEND) an individual specialist learning programme throughout their learning journey in our Higher Needs Base which offers provision for up to eighteen pupils from across Middlesbrough. At the end of Year 2, the children are assessed and may return to be reintegrated into their own schools or transfer to another specialist facility, according to their needs.

Within Key Stage 2 there is an ASD Base, which offers provision for up to seven pupils. The ASD Base provides children with a specialist learning programme which is personalised to drive their learning forward.

We pride ourselves in providing all children with state of the art Computing facilities where technology supports children’s learning. Pupils in Year 4 – 6 have an individual iPad that supports their complete curriculum, enabling pupils to research, photograph, share/upload their work, produce animations and participate in film work and multi media projects.  To further support the computing curriculum we have two mini suites of computers, which are used by staff and children to deliver the computing curriculum as well as enhance lessons and stimulate learning beyond the classroom. Most classrooms also have a small amount of computers to extend learning in the classroom.

Hemlington Hall Academy’s highly-talented and motivated staff promote a breadth of learning opportunities through extra curricular activities in a range of after school clubs.   One of our particular strengths is Music and Drama. Our most recent production of The Lion King astounded our community with the talents and enthusiasm that exudes from our children.  Our Choir are no longer strangers to the stage as they perform to many audiences far and wide.

Our outdoor area is a wonderful learning and stimulating environment, which is constantly being developed.  The Wildlife Area has a bee hive and pond that frequently engages all children in projects linked to our Outdoor Curriculum. Our ‘Out in the Wild’ project also takes learning outdoors as it uses our school grounds to stimulate and develop learning beyond the classroom. Each class has its own planting bed and we have won a number of Environmental Awards through our ongoing work on sustainability. We have created an Outdoor Classroom with seating and shelter so children can enjoy and appreciate their learning outdoors whatever the weather!

We are proud of our school and continually strive to provide the very best education of every child.