Mr Dave Elliott
Chair of Governors at Hemlington Hall Academy


I am very proud to have been a member of the Governing Board at Hemlington Hall Academy since 2010. In that time I have seen how the school has shown positive development in so many ways.

We have a great staff, who make it their business to give your children the very best educational experience. They also, on many occasions, go over and above what is required of them in their offering of time for extra curricular activities, such as sport and music. This does so enrich children’s school life.

We also believe in making sure children are taught how to behave in a caring and compassionate way towards each other. This is really the ethos of our school that everyone is important and should be treated with respect.

We also believe in working towards the best results we can achieve as we owe this to the children to make the most of their potential.

Since we joined the Lingfield Trust at the beginning of the last Academic year, their expertise and support has helped to enhance the progress of our school and develop the potential of staff and children.

However, long before we joined the Trust, the Hemlington Hall spirit was in place. So many visitors to our school over all the years I have been involved as a Governor, have commented on the excellent behaviour of the majority of our children. They have spoken of how polite and welcoming the children are to all visitors.

We know that there are still areas we need to improve in our school, in the class room and in some cases in helping certain children to learn to improve their behaviour.

We also know how to secure these improvements. We have to remember that excellent schools are places where all school staff, children and parents work together. I am sure we believe we are well on the way!!

Please always feel able to speak to the Head teacher or if you wish, to your child’s teacher. You may also wish to speak to any of the Governors. Whoever you need to contact, please do that through the School Office. We would rather meet you face to face to sort out any concerns than have those concerns dealt with in the public arena.

Thank you to all our parents/carers for their help and support in the success of Hemlington Hall Academy.

Dave Elliott