HeadStart is a town wide programme which aims to improve the emotional well-being of children and young people by providing preventative and early help support. It is estimated that at least 3 children in every classroom will go on to develop emotional ill-health and providing support at an early stage will reduce the number of diagnosable mental health conditions.

Hemlington Hall Academy has become a HeadStart school and through a range of preventative and early intervention approaches will equip young people to cope better with difficult circumstances, preventing them from experiencing serious issues. It’s about giving young people the knowledge, skills and support to cope with adversity and do well at school and in life. Hemlington Hall Academy is committed to improving resilience and emotional well-being in our young people and this remains a key priority for our school. School staff access a range of training to enable them to better respond to the needs of pupils.

The school also has established links with specialist services such as CAMHS and Bungalow when more intensive support is needed. Access to these services at an early stage can minimise impact of problems and issues and increase chances of children achieving their potential.