virtue is an excellent trait of character. Each day, we strive to lead lives of virtue. At Hemlington Hall Academy, we have been asking our children and staff what six virtues are most important to us at Hemlington Hall Academy in order to be the best we can be. As a whole school community, we want to clearly define six virtues and work together each day to embed them into our lives. We will do this through every aspect of our school life experiences, promoting and celebrating examples of these virtues in action.

As parents and families of HHA, we want to know what you think our six virtues should be.

Please select your chosen six from the list below.

I will collate all choices and a final six will be chosen to be our HHA Virtues.

Please complete by 6th September 2022.

Mrs Knox

Our HHA Virtues
Please select 6 virtues that you think are important for our children to work on and be recognised for.