We are extremely lucky to have some excellent Play Leaders at Hemlington Hall Academy.  They carry out a very important role and help to ensure the children enjoy a happy and productive lunchtime.

Our Play Leaders are Year 6 pupils who have undertaken training which has helped them to develop their leadership skills. They all recognise the importance of being organised, planning the sessions well, knowing the games they want to organise with the children and making sure the equipment is sorted before the start of the session. The Play Leaders come up with lots of different ideas for activities to deliver during the lunchtime break and these help to keep children entertained and active and minimise disputes that might otherwise occur.

Recent studies have noted that the time pupils spend in the playground is approximately 20% of their school day. The Play Leader programme helps pupils to utilise this time in a positive way. By running a Play Leader programme we have noticed the following benefits:

  • Pupils develop leadership skills such as organisation, communication, cooperation and a sense of responsibility
  • The work of adults within the school is supported e.g. Staff on the playground are supported by Play Leaders delivering activities at lunchtime
  • Older children are provided with an opportunity to work with younger children, thereby promoting integration and social inclusion and citizenship
  • Playground incidents are reduced in number
  • Pupils return to lessons with increased concentration and this helps to raise achievement across the whole school
  • Increased activity at playtime encourages pupils to adopt a healthy lifestyle and helps to reduce the problems associated with obesity

Meet our Play leaders…