Reading and Phonics at Hemlington Hall Academy


Our aim at Hemlington Hall is to enable all children to become successful, life- long readers whilst at the same time fostering a love of books.


In order for children to become proficient readers children must develop both word recognition and language comprehension skills. This is achieved through the structured teaching of phonics and supported by comprehension, independent reading and shared and guided reading.


In school we teach the Letters and Sounds phonic programme which focuses on securing word recognition skills as these are essential for children to decode (read) and encode (spell) words accurately. Letters and Sounds is divided into six phases.


In the Early years children are taught to handle books and that print has meaning. Children learn through action songs, games, rhymes, big books and through developing speaking and listening skills. Children learn to use and apply their phonic knowledge. Through KS1 children continue to build upon their early skills.


At Year 1 all children take the Phonics Screening test. In the test both nonsense words and real words are tested. Children not reaching the expected level continue to follow the Letters and Sounds programme and re sit the test in Year 2.


Running alongside phonic skills children develop comprehension skills to take meaning from words. Oral and written comprehension skills check understanding of the key ideas, characters, plot development and the author’s use of language.


All children across the school have access to quality reading materials including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays and combined with drama and role play the love of literature is reinforced. Children use and apply their reading skills through accessing the wider curriculum and using technology.


All children have access to fiction and non- fiction books by using the school Libraries. The Micro Librarian scanning system is used to access books.

Reception Library is housed in their area and parents and children have daily access to change books using a sign in sign out sheet.

KS1 Library is housed in the main reception area. Parents and children are invited to change books on a designated day after school. All KS1 children change their Library books in school time, Year 1 – Wednesday and Year 2 – Tuesday.

KS2 Library is accessed by children within their class time. Classes each take a timetabled slot for changing books and have two trained Librarians who organise the use of the scanning system for their class.

The Oxford Reading Tree is the core reading scheme throughout the school which is introduced in Reception and children work systematically through the scheme. The core “Biff and Chip” books are supplemented by a vast range of parallel readers ( Songbirds, Fireflies, Traditional Tales, Floppy’s Phonics) which allows, at the early stages, plenty of repetition of key vocabulary. In the later stages of the scheme there are parallel readers to deepen and broaden the child’s reading range. (Classics, Non- fiction)

All children have a Home School Reading Record in which to record reading at home. Children are provided with a book bag when they start Nursery.

Nursery children choose and take a book home in their book bags every Friday and return it on the following Wednesday.

Reading Book Bags are returned to school every day in Reception and KS1 and children are given the opportunity to change books.

Reading records are returned each week on a Thursday in KS2 when a member of staff will sign the record.

We encourage parents to be involved in sharing books with their child. By working together we aim to provide children with a positive reading environment and encourage them to succeed.

Thank you for your support and should you have any concerns with reading please don’t hesitate to talk to your child’s teacher.

Reading Booklets

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