Welcome to our new reading craze!  Its purpose is to get our children enthusiastic about reading.  Here at Hemlington Hall Academy, we are fortunate to have a KS2 library, a KS1 library and a library in our Early Years.

So what is it all about?

We know that over the summer, Pokemon Go inspired millions of people, of every age, to get outside and hunt for rare Pokemon.  We thought that if we could come up with a scheme to link Pokemon Go to reading, we’d be on to a winner!

Every book (to begin with) in our KS2 library will have a QR code – once the book has been read and an adult has signed the child’s reading record to confirm, the child will ‘catch’ the Pokemon attached to the book.  There are 30 Pokemon to collect with special trading events lined up throughout the year, so collect 10 Weedles and you can trade up for a one off edition Pokemon.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  weedle