Good morning, your work today has been set out below. If you have any problems, please get in touch via Class Dojo and we will help.


We are continuing to look at unit and non-unit fractions.

Remember unit fractions always have one as the numerator (the top number).

Non-unit fractions have numerators greater than one.

1/3 is a unit fraction.

2/3 and 3/3 are non-unit fractions.


There are six animals all together, so my denominator (the bottom number) will be six.

There is one camel, so my numerator (the top number) will be one.

1/6 is the fraction that describes the camel. 1/6 is a unit fraction because the numerator is one.

The fraction that I would use to describe the pandas is 3/6.

The fraction that I would use to describe the snakes is 2/6.

Can you solve the problems below?


Could you use represent the pear using a fraction?


Read pages 7 and 8 of The Littlest Viking by Sandi Toksvig.

Who do you think is in the cave?

‘Who’s there?’ he called out softly, so as not to wake anything that might be hiding inside.

Can you write down your prediction using the sentence starters below?

I think ______ is in the cave……

I believe this because….

Draw a picture of your prediction underneath your sentences.


Today we are going to plan our postcard from Pegwell Bay.

  • Which three activities are you going to write about?
  • What adjective would you use to describe each activity?
  • What adverbs would be appropriate to use?
  • Who are you going to send the postcard to?

You may want to use your adverb and adjective word mats for support.


Watch the following video:

Can you create your own jumping combination?