This week, we have been learning how to find fractions of an amount and fractions of objects. Can you complete the worksheet to show me how much you have learnt?


Read this extract of The Littlest Viking by Sandi Toksvig:

‘Washing-up? What d’you mean, shrimp?’ asked Gary. He was nine but very nearly ten and he felt that Joshua ought to be a little more in awe of him.

‘Not now, Mum,’ said Joshua. ‘Amber will be starving and…’ At this, the two older ones lost their cool and picked Joshua up between them and left.

Can you think of how Gary might be feeling compared to Joshua?

  1. Joshua had sympathy for Amber as she was crying, as it happened often to him.

2. Joshua shifted nervously from foot to foot

3. Joshua even forgot that he needed the loo.




This week we are learning about water cycles. Watch the video below: