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Lesson Link Fractions to decimals


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Begin reading the chapter Looking for Trouble up to page 112, “Whatever you say Mrs Vole”.
Quick Fire Retrieval

1) Where was the clue hidden?

2) Which cartridge to Alex use to inform Mi6 about the clue?

3) Look at page 109, what vehicle can be heard?

4) Tell me three things we are told about Vole’s appearance.

5) What does Vole ask Alex not to do?

Main Task:
With the title of the chapter in mind, predict what Alex will do after being left in the room with the Stormbreaker. Structure your answer using the P.E.E method.

I think Alex will _____________________. I think this because __________________ therefore _____________________.


Today, Live Zoom at 11am, we are going to begin writing your informal letter to the Alex Rider. We will look at a model text together on Zoom and discuss tips and tricks to get you started with your letter. For today, focus on writing the first two paragraphs of your writing.



Video Link will be posted on DOJO.

Today, we are going to learn how to program procedures and variables and work in Level 3. Watch the video to see how to set a procedure so can we can input different values that will allow us to change the size of the shapes.   Today, you are going to become proficient with the basic skills needed to perform operations on logo and begin to create more complex patterns.


Can you draw a house?

Can you draw a circle of houses?

Can you draw a row of houses? Can you draw a row of houses with spaces in between? Can you add windows, doors etc?

Big challenge: Can you draw an outline that would be recognisable as buildings in your town / village? You will need to break the challenge down into manageable steps. Not all the buildings will be the same shape. What procedures will you need to create with the town procedure?