For reading today, we are going to read the final part of the Beowulf epic poem. You can listen to me reading it here if you like.

Was your prediction from yesterday correct?

Let’s look at clarifying some of that new and unfamiliar vocabulary. You can use an online thesaurus to help.

Yesterday we wrote our own adverts to persuade people to come and visit Raby Castle – today we are going to edit and improve our adverts to see if we can make them even better!

Look at the checklist below. Do you have all of the features of a good advert? Is there anything you need to add? Could you use a thesaurus to think of different, more powerful adjectives to use to enthuse and engage the reader?

For Maths today, we are going to use what we have learnt about perimeter to solve word problems. In our live lesson today I will be asking you to mark your own answers, so please make sure you have completed this task before our live lesson in the afternoon (1pm).

I will add all of the Zoom details on Dojo.

To start with in art today, this video is really useful in helping us to think about how to sketch: using straight lines and curved lines to draw an outline, before adding in extra details.

Once you have watched it, have a think about your favourite memories from our visit to Raby Castle – can you sketch part of your memory?

It might be the view of the colossal castle, the gorgeous gardens, the delicate deer or even the amazing adventure playground! Use those straight and curved lines to create an outline, then flll in some more intricate detail.