So far, we have read the first part of the epic poem ‘Beowulf’ – there is a second part for us to start to look at next!

But what do you think will happen in the next part? The final few lines of the part we’ve read ends very mysteriously…!

Yesterday we planned out our own advertisements for Raby Castle – so now it’s time to write them!

This will be a live lesson on Zoom at 10am – please look for details on Dojo, but the task is detailed below in addition to the writing checklist.

Can you remember the difference between a regular polygon and an irregular polygon?

A regular polygon has equal length sides and equal angles as well.
Irregular polygons have different lengths and different angles.
Here is the song from yesterday as a bit of a reminder.

Today children will be identifying whether a shape is regular or irregular, and then calculating the perimeter of a range of shapes. Here is a reminder of how to calculate perimeter.

The pre-recorded history lesson for today can be found by clicking here.