Sports day

This morning in school is our sports day with Mr Boyes.

I wonder what activities you could come up with at home that are similar to sports day.

Could you make a obstacle course, could you do an egg and spoon race in your garden, could you find something to use as hurdles and do a hurdles race?

I can’t wait to see photos of the sporty things you get up to today.

South Africa

In year 5 we are thinking about South Africa as one of the Olympic countries. Read through the information about South Africa. We want you now to use your research skills to find out about South African animals. What animals may you find there – what are they like?

Cartoon Strip

Can you take the animals that you have researched this morning and create a cartoon strip of them completing some of the sports day events you did this morning? I can just imagine leopards jumping hurdles and Rhinos doing an obstacle course.


Although we had sports day this morning, this afternoon is also our PE session with Mr Boyes. If you have some energy left from this morning can you complete some PE this afternoon. This could be Joe Wicks, it could be a football game in the garden with your adult. You choose – send me photos for dojo points.