Monday 1st March 2021

Good morning. Your work for today is posted below. If you have any problems, please get in touch via Class Dojo and we will help.


We will be looking at the “ea” sound in Phonics. I will be hosting a Zoom Phonics lesson at 10.00am and going through this with you then.

Please have a pen and paper ready for the Zoom Phonics lesson.


This week in Writing we are going to transform the Katie in London story into the Katie in Middlesbrough story!

I have made a PPT for you which will guide you through the task for each day. The PPT below has information about the tasks I would like you to complete on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Today you will be learning about landmarks in Middlesbrough and then creating a story map for your own version of the Katie in Middlesbrough story.


Today we will be looking at finding one more and one less than numbers to 50.


Today you will be thinking about people who are special to you.

What would you do if a member of the Royal Family came to visit? Discuss preparations and why. Role play a visit of a special person. Watch clips of both formal and informal visits of e.g. the Queen and ask children what they notice about how she is being welcomed. How might she feel? Why are people welcoming her this way? What do people feel about her?

Who is special to you? How do you welcome special people into your home? Are all special people welcomed the same way? What makes someone special? Who would you welcome in a special way if they came to school?

Then your child can write a list of people they think are special. Once they have made their list, you can discuss why they chose them and what makes them special.


If you would like to do some PE today, go to Joe Wickes’ YouTube page and follow his live workout.

Don’t forget to upload your work to your Portfolio!