Phonics – Live Zoom @ 9:15am

Today we will be revising some previously learnt sounds and having a game of bingo!

We will also complete our spelling test. Make sure you are ready to show us how much you know! Remember spellings are found on the Year 2 Home Learning main page.


Use the link to take you to the BBC bitesize learning page. Watch the video to recap over your learning about exclamation marks.

Complete the activity below:


Today we are thinking about coping strategies within the challenging time and the importance of having dreams and goals.

Discuss how goals can be short or long term.

Ask the children: If a fairy godmother arrived overnight and waved her magic wand, what would she have achieved for you?

What would you see?

How would you feel?

Create a list of the children’s goals for the next week. You could do this together to show that adults have goals too!

For example:

Clean my bedroom

Learn how to skip properly

Learn how to form the letter ‘f’ properly

Read 2 books

Join my Zoom lessons everyday

Go for a walk everyday

Feed my pet

This could continue over the next week and goals could be ticked off when they are achieved. This will let children understand how it feels to achieve their short term goals.

Have a lovely day and I hope you enjoy your weekend! Thanks for another great week!