Phonics – Zoom at 9:15am

Today we will be revisiting the contraction words we learnt last half term.

We will be learning that /er/ following a /w/ is written using the grapheme /or/.


Practise your handwriting using the template attached.

Think about the size of your letters – which letters are ‘half sized’ and which letters need to ascend/descend?

This will help you practise this weeks spelling words too!


Today we are learning how to divide by 10, using our 10x tables to help.


Today we are thinking about the basic needs of animals if they are to stay alive.

This is food, water and air.

I will post the powerpoint on Dojo to support you with your work.

Complete the activity by matching up the needs with the animals.

Could you also design your own pet home by providing them with everything they need?