Phonics – Live Zoom at 9.15am

Today we are revisiting the /ew/ sound.

We are learning that /a/ can sometimes make the /o/ sound when it is next to a /w/.

Join our live lesson to complete the activities together.


Handwriting practise this morning. We are using our spelling words to practise handwriting.

You can use this video to support you with thinking about those curly caterpillar letters.

Maths – Live Zoom at 10.50am

Today we are learning to make equal groups by sharing things out.

Complete the activities, use the video to support you or join our live Zoom lesson.


This half term we are moving on to learning about animals including humans.

Today we would like you to conduct your own investigation.

‘What is different about the people in my family?’

Can you find out the shoe size of the different people in your house?

The template has space to have four different family members labelled across the bottom and can be numbered from shoe size 11 to size 8 up the side.

Label your block graph carefully and colour in the blocks to show the shoe size of your family members.