Phonics – Live Zoom @ 9:15am

This week we will be re-capping some of the new spelling rules covered this half term.

Today we will be looking at plurals – words ending in s/es/ies/ves.

We will work through the activities and complete them together on Zoom.


Today you are practising your handwriting using your spelling words for the week.

Remember to sit the half size letters within the dotted lines and any tall sticks to touch the top bold line.

Maths – Live Zoom @ 10:50am

Today we are working on using arrays to multiply numbers.

We will complete the activities together during our Zoom lesson.


This week our afternoon sessions will be RE. We are studying Islam and ou theme is ‘Prayer at home’.

At the beginning of the half term you had an introduction to the topic by naming the five pillars of Islam. You could look back at this work to remind you what you know.

Pillar two is prayer.

Look at how many times a Muslim is called to prayer each day using the powerpoint.

Label the names of each prayer and show the time of day this prayer takes place.

I will post the Powerpoint on Dojo to help you.

Have a lovely day!