Today is your final day of learning as Year 2 children! We would have been having lots of fun in school so I’m very sad we’re not there together!


Your new teacher is very excited to meet you all! They want to know lots about you so now is your chance to tell them 🙂

Complete this booklet carefully, thinking about things you like/dislike, your goals and things you want to learn about in Year 3!


Today you are learning how to find 3/4 of an amount.

Use the video to help you complete the worksheet. Use objects around your house to support you if you need to.


Here are some further end of Y2 activities for you to complete.

Mrs Scott & I are so, so proud of you all and we are gutted that this is the way our time in Y2 has ended! What a strange year!

You are all amazing and we are looking forward to hearing all about your amazing journeys during your time in KS2 – we won’t be far away and you’ll still see us lots around school.

Have a lovely weekend!

We will see you all on Monday! 🙂