Good morning everyone.

Your work for today is posted below.

Phonics – Live Zoom @ 9.15am

We will be playing Bingo with the /ey/ words you practised last week.

We will be learning about the /kn/ and /gn/ graphemes making the /n/ sound.


Using exclamation marks to punctuate sentences.

Re-read the story of Supertato. Decide which sentences need to be completed with a full stop and which need to be completed with an exclamation mark. You can just add the punctuation to the end of the sentence or you can re-write the whole sentence and punctuate it correctly.

Maths – Live Zoom @ 10:50am

Today we are learning how to add different amounts together to find a total.

Our live lesson will go through the work with you and we will complete this together. We are working on finding the total again today.


Use the PowerPoint to work through some facts about each of the continents – I will post this on Dojo as it is too large to add here.
Pay attention to discussing the weather in each continent.
Why would this change the kind of animals that live there?
Complete the mini booklet researching an animal that lives in each continent.

______ lives in ______ because they… .

You could use your device to research the different continents too.

Have a great day! Hopefully we will see lots of you on Zoom. Remember myself and Mrs Scott are available through Dojo for anything you may need!