Phonics – Live Zoom at 9.15am

Today we are revisiting the /ee/ sound.

We are learning that /a/ can sometimes make the /o/ sound when it is next to a /w/.

Join our live lesson to complete the activities together.


Today you are labelling the features of a recount.

Look at the two examples of a recount that we have given you. Can you circle/highlight the different features you can spot and label them correctly?

  • Who is the recount about?
  • What is the recount about?
  • Where did the events take place?
  • When did the events take place?
  • What time words can you find?
  • What describing words (adjectives) can you find?

Circle/highlight these features and label them carefully.

Maths – Live Zoom at 11.00am

Today we are learning to make equal groups by grouping objects.

Complete the activities, use the video to support you or join our live Zoom lesson.


Today we are learning about animals having babies and how they grow. We are thinking about animals that are grown inside their mother and animals that lay an egg.

I will post the powerpoint on Dojo to support you.

Cut the animals out and decide which group they belong to. Colour the animals in the correct colours.