Good morning everyone.

Your work for today is posted below.

Phonics – Live Zoom @ 9.15am

We will be playing Bingo with words which you have already learnt.

We will be learning about the /kn/ /gn/ digraphs making the /n/ sound.


Design your own Superhero and describe him/her. Tomorrow you will be writing the first part of your own version of ‘Supertato’ using your new character.

For example:

Supergrape is helpful because he always makes sure everyone is safe.

He is kind so he never hurts anyones feelings.

Supergrape has a long, red cape and a red, smooth body.

What will your Superhero be?

Maths – Live Zoom @ 10:50am

Today we are learning how to find the different between different amounts.

Our live lesson will go through the work with you and we will complete this together.


Today we are exploring hot and cold climates.

Use the powerpoint to talk about the climate in a range of different countries across different continents.

Sort the animals into those which like hot/cold climates.

I will post the PowerPoint on Dojo which will support you with completing your work.

Have a great day! Hopefully we will see lots of you on Zoom.

Remember myself and Mrs Scott are available through Dojo for anything you may need!