In today’s reading we will be looking at Scroll III. There is a copy that is downloadable below or you can listen to Miss Robson reading it here.

After reading or listening to Scroll III your task is to pretend that you are a news reporter. Write the headline for Scroll III. Remember that your headline must be small (no more than 15 words); grab the readers attention and sum up the most important event of Scroll III.

Today you are going to be writing up your completed newspaper report for the classroom display. Check out the video to see how to tea stain paper to give the impression that it is very old. Once you have done this, you can then write up your newspaper report onto the paper. Make sure you bring it in with you on Monday so that I can add it to my classroom display.

Today we will be continuing with finding fractions of quantities. Choose from Questions A,B or C. With A being the least challenging and C the most challenging. I f you have been finding fractions really tricky start with A. There is a great article from BBC Bitesize with a video if you need a reminder, click here.


In PSHE we will be focusing on how exercise impacts our heart and body health. It is important that we include exercise in our daily routines, by exercising we keep our heart, lungs and body healthy by making them work harder. Last week, we learnt how exercising increases your heart beat and is good for your heart because it’s a muscle too.

This week, we would like you to come up with your own fitness challenge. Decide on five exercises e.g. sit-ups, burpees, star jumps, planks and squats. Complete each exercise for one minute and repeat two more times.

Draw and label your exercises in the boxes below.