Year 4 Home Learning Monday 11th January

Today’s grammar session is using LBQ to recap key grammar terminology.
The LBQ can be found here.
and the code is: MIH

On Friday I wrote my own diary from the point of view of Salva at the end of chapter one. Can you find examples of the features we learnt about?

Circle, underline or highlight what you think I have done well.

  • chronological order (in order of how things happened)
  • first person (I, we, me, us)
  • Connecting openers (First… Next… After that… Some time later…)
  • Detailed description
  • Giving reasons why you feel a certain way

Are there any ideas you could ‘magpie’ to add to your own diary entry from last week?
Make sure your capital letters, full stops and spelling is accurate as well!

In Maths today we are going to practise multiplying two digit numbers by one digit numbers.

Follow along with the first video here.

Then give these a go:

And here is your ‘True or False’ task:

Our Science learning is going to continue focusing on Electricity. Our question today is: “What is static electricity?”
The lesson and task are provided by The National Oak Academy and can be found here: