Have another read of chapter one – a lot happens to poor Sylva!
Most of this chapter takes place in Salva’s classroom.
You can watch me reading chapter one here and you can view the text below.

How is life at school for Salva different for regular life at school for us?
Create a table to identify similarities and differences.

Today’s lesson will be a live Zoom session at 10am. Please check Dojo for the invite.

We have written a diary entry from the point of view of Salva, when his school and village comes under attack. Let’s think about writing a diary entry from the teacher’s perspective. Today we will plan out our ideas.

  1. How did the day start for the teacher? What was he doing?
  2. Why did things change? What were the teacher’s first thoughts?
  3. How did the teacher respond to the attack?
  4. Why did the teacher tell the boys to run into the bush?
  5. How is the teacher feeling now that the boys have run to safety? What are his worries and concerns?

Today we are continuing to practise multiplying two digit numbers by one digit numbers. Today’s lesson is the second video when you click here.

The task can be found here.

And here is your Maths ‘True or False’ task:

In French today we are learning the names of different types of fruit.
The task can be found here.