How do you think Salva felt when his school and village came under attack?

What evidence can you find that he felt this way?
Use the conjunction ‘because’ to help explain your answer, and include evidence from the text in your answer as well.

Can you write down at least four ideas?

Eg. Salva felt confused at first because he didn’t know what was going on. The text says he didn’t know if it was gunshot or a car backfiring.

Eg. Salva was worried he might get hurt because of the attack. The text says he covered his head with his hands, like he is trying to protect himself.

You must use the conjunction ‘because’ in each of your sentences!

We have planned our writing – now it’s time to write!

This will be a live Zoom lesson where we will start writing all together; then children will be asked to finish their writing independently. The Zoom link will be added to Dojo.

Remember to include all of our diary features:

  • chronological order (in order of how things happened)
  • first person (I, we, me, us)
  • Connecting openers (First… Next… After that… Some time later…)
  • Detailed description
  • Giving reasons why you feel a certain way

Here are some sentence openers we could use:

It started off like any other day…
After that…
I felt… because…
In the blink of an eye…
Breathing heavily…
All I could see was… and all I could hear was…

Children have been working hard learning how to multiply a two digit number by a one digit number; today we are going to increase the challenge to multiplying a three digit number by a one digit number!

The lesson can be viewed by clicking here – it is the third video on the page.

Today’s task can be found here:

And here is your ‘True or False’ challenge for today as well!

In geography today, children will need to recap their knowledge of the continents around the world. There is a fantastic song to remind them here.

Once children are familiar with the seven continents, their task is to sort a selection of photographs out into which continent they think each comes from. I will send a Zoom invite out for the end of the day so we can go through the answers together!

The photographs and a world map can be found here: