Today we will be reading Scroll II of ‘The Thieves of Ostia.’ Read through the chapter carefully. Download a copy here:

You can also listen to Miss Robson reading it to you here.
Can you find these words?
• Rational
• Cicadas
• Startled
• Pursued
• Embroidered
• Chided
• Aroma
• Ointment
Using a dictionary (an online one or paper copy) search for the definitions of these words. Use your best handwriting to write them out.
Could you use each word in your own sentence?
Could you use more than one word in the same sentence?


Today in writing we are going to be looking at some components that are vital for writing a newspaper report. They are always wrote in third person and past tense. Take a look at the articles below and see if you can spot where third person and past tense have been used. take a look at the PowerPoint provided on our dojo page for your activity today.



Today in maths we are going to be continuing with our fraction work, we will be looking at fractions of a set of objects. Click here to watch the teaching video.

In this lesson, we will learn that all matter is made up of particles. Particles are arranged in different ways in solids, liquids and gases giving them different properties. We will also learn how scientists use diagrams to represent the arrangement of particles.
Click here to learn how particles behave in a solid, liquid or gas. Don’t forget to post you work on your DOJO portfolio.