For today’s grammar LBQ we will be looking at prepositions – words that tell us the ‘position’ of where one thing is in relation to something else (eg. next to… on top of… adjacent to… besides… all around…)

We will be suing these in our writing this week, so this session will be a really useful reminder!

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Today we will be writing a setting description using interesting adjectives and prepositions.A preposition is something that tells you where something is (on, under, next to).
The setting we will be describing is from a fantastic short story called Taking Flight, which you can watch here.

Write a description about Grandpa Nono’s garage.

Here are some questions to help you write your description:

What feelings do you get from the garage- is it creepy, dusty and old or exciting?
What can you see on the shelves?
What kind of things do you think might be inside the boxes in Grandpa’s garage?
What could the trophies be for?

Here is an example sentence using adjectives and a preposition:
On the dusty shelf, there are piles of old newspapers.

Adjective sheet to help.


Today we will be learning what area is in maths. The lesson can be found here.
Here is the follow up task. Remember to let a member of the team know if you need any further help!

I have been impressed with those of you that have tried the ‘True or False’ challenge every day as well; here is today’s!


Today we will be learning how to draw diagrams of circuits. We will learn the symbol for each component and draw our own circuit diagrams. You will need a pencil, a piece of paper and a ruler.

Follow along with the video here. Remember to add your work to your portfolio!