Today’s LBQ for grammar is all about ….


Today we will be reading the ninth chapter of ‘A Long Walk to Water’. You can choose to read Chapter 9 on your own or listen to Miss Robson reading it here.
You can re-read Chapter 9 here:


In writing today, we are going to be preparing to complete our persuasive text. For this we are going to look at one of the key features we need to include. Imperative verbs.
Take a look at the PowerPoint which has been uploaded on to dojos and follow along with the activities on Imperative verbs, remember to put the PowerPoint into a slide show.


Today in maths we are building on our knowledge of fractions. We will be looking specifically at equivalent fractions. It is really important to follow along with the video, click here from the link and then have a go at answering the question here.

For an added challenge have a go at the true or false question here.


Today in science we are going to be look at changing components in a circuit. Watch the video here and follow along with the lesson.

To further your learning have a go at the activities here and complete the work sheet attached.