In today’s reading we will be covering Chapter 7. There is a copy that is downloadable below or you can listen to Miss Robson reading it here.
We will then be drawing an artistic prediction.

I have seen some fantastic artistic summarisation in your portfolios. Artistic prediction is remarkably similar. Can you draw a prediction about what will happen to Salva and Nya in chapter eight? Don’t peak ahead, we want your best predictions!
You can re-read Chapter 7 here:


Today we will be practicing using emotive language. Emotive language is used by writers to make somebody (their target audience) feel a particular way. Most people use it everyday without even thinking.

Task 1
1.Look at the following and underline the emotive words:

2.Explain why each of the words you underlined is emotive – what effect will they have on the reader(how will they make the reader feel)?

Task 2
You are going to write a short speech where you will make use of emotive language! Remember, you want to make the person reading or hearing the words feel an emotion.
Choose one from the options below:

  1. You want to phone your best friend, but you’ve used too much phone data and it’s getting late.  You try to persuade the adults in your life to let you phone them by making them feel sorry for you.
  2. You have broken your friend’s laptop by mistake. You have to tell them but you want them to stay calm and not blame you too much.
  3. You want to join a new football team. You persuade the coach that choosing any other footballer would be bad for the team.  


Today you will be learning how to count in tenths. Watch the lesson how to do this here.
Here is the follow up task. Remember to let a member of the team know if you need any further help.

Try todays latest true or false question.


We have been thinking a lot about what we would like to achieve in the future – but don’t forget that each and every one of you has already achieved so much!

In today’s session, we are going to reflect on our achievements. Can you complete each of these sentences?

This week I have achieved….
I was successful because…
Being successful at this made me feel… because…

In January I achieved…
I was successful because…
Being successful at this made me feel… because…

In Year 4 I have achieved…
I was successful because…
Being successful at this made me feel… because…




For PE this week we are focusing on dancing. I would like you to follow the dance moves on video 1 and video 2. Make sure you are aware of your space and what is around you. Do you need to move any furniture or ornaments before you start? Enjoy exploring and developing new actions whilst moving.

For an added challenge can you create and perform your own short dances with expression? See if you can get your adults involved as well, make sure to record this and post it to your portfolio.