In today’s reading we will be reading Scroll III. There is a copy that is downloadable below or you can listen to Miss Robson reading it here.

Yesterday, we focused on our prediction skills, todays focus is on ‘reading in between the lines’ using our inference skills. We can tell how somebody is feeling from their face and how they are moving, without them saying that they’re happy or sad. Similarly, with inference you read the text and look for clues that help to build this and your own knowledge.Remember that you must refer back to the text and use evidence in your answer, fully explaining the point you are making.

And here are the inference questions to answer:

  1. Find and copy the four word phrase that tells you that Ostia is near Rome?
  2. What do you think you could find on ‘Bakers street’ and why?
  3. What do you think sesterces are and why?
  4. Why would you not want to live close to the Decumanus Maximus?
  5. Why will the slaves end up sewing or cleaning if they don’t speak Latin?
  6. Why does the goldsmith Aurarius give Flavia a fair price for her items?
  7. What can you infer about Flavia’s feelings when she ‘ducked back behind the marble column and pressed her cheek against its reassuring solidness,’?
  8. Today you are going to be writing your final concluding paragraph. remember this is summarising the event, look back at information you included in your introduction and repeat. Try to use a sentence that will look towards what will happen next. _________________________________________________________________________


Today you will be looking at problem solving and calculating quantities. please watch the learning video here. Then have a go at completing the worksheets.


World book day.

Happy World Book Day! You are having a screen free afternoon. Please check the Hemlington Hall dojo page for more information.