Today we will be looking at sharpening our retrieval skills by answering some ‘true or false’ questions about what we have read in Scroll II. If the answer is false, remember to re-write the statement to make it correct!Listen to Miss Robson reading Scroll II here.
You can re-read Scroll II here:

Here are your true and false statements to correct:

True or False

  • Flavia thought twice before she closed her eyes and jumped out of the tree.
  • The leader of the dogs was a huge Chihuahua- with evil red eyes and saliva dripping down her hairy chin.
  • The boy used a sling to hit the dogs.
  • With each step the pain eased a bit for Flavia’s ankle.
  • The boy urged Flavia to move quickly as the dogs were going to continue chasing them.
  • The boy pulled her to the house two doors away from her.
  • Jonathan’s father is a doctor.
  • Jonathan’s house was exactly like Flavia’s house.



Today in writing you are going to be completing the main body of you newspaper article, you will need to use your plan to help you and the resources we look at last week to support you. The main body should include direct and indirect speech, more detailed information about the incident, use your improved sentences from last week to help you to add more information about the ring and its thief.



Today we will be looking at fractions of a set of objects. Click here to take a look at the video.

Today we will be learning about timelines in history. Read through the PowerPoint here to understand how we order our dates and where our key language AD and BC come from. Create your own personal timeline afterwards. Don’t forget to upload it to DOJO.
The top boxes are for a drawing/photo that matches the key event you have written in the box below.