In today’s reading we will be covering Chapter 11. There is a copy that is downloadable below or you can listen to Miss Robson reading it here.
We will then be looking at sharpening our inference skills by answering some questions based on Chapter 11.
You can re-read Chapter 11 here:

Here are your inference questions:
1.Why would some villagers not want to clear the land between the trees in Nya’s village?

2.Why did Salva not have time to feel sad about his Uncle’s death?

3.What keeps Salva moving, even after his Uncle’s death?

4.Why did the group begrudge giving Salva food?

5.What is the Itang refugee camp like? How do you think Salva feels?

6.When he arrives at Itang, Salva sees, “orange… an orange headscarf,” and starts following it. Why? What do you think he is thinking?

In writing today we are going to have a look at rhetorical questions. We uses these in persuasive pieces of writing to make the reader think from your perspective.

‘Imagine if you had to walk 2km for fresh water every day?’ it helps to put the reading in that position which then hopefully will make them feel sympathetic and be more likely to agree with your opinion.

Have a go at the work sheet attached and then see if you can transfer these skills into your writing.

Today in maths we are going to continue with our learning about fractions. Click here to access the video on fractions greater than 1 whole.

Find attached the worksheet and the true or false question.

Today we will use our map reading skills to plot Salva’s route across Africa.

  1. Using the clues given in the book can you draw a possible route for Salva from South Sudan to Ethiopia.
  2. Can you label the different continents on the map?
  3. Can you label our country?

Here is a video if you need a reminder about the different continents. You can watch it here.