Today we will be looking at sharpening our retrieval skills by answering some ‘true or false’ questions about what we have read in chapter two. If the answer is false, remember to re-write the statement to make it correct!

You can re-read chapter two here:

And here are the retrieval questions to answer:


Today we are going to plan our story of Zahra. Here are some questions to consider in your draft:

• Where is she? What does her setting look like?

• What is she trying to do? How do you think she feels?

• What is they danger to her health? What does she keep trying to do?

• How does her sweat change her setting?

Consider what powerful verbs and adjectives you would like to include in you draft to help you write your piece later.


Today we are going to extend our understanding of dividing two digit numbers into dividing three digit numbers. The teaching video is the third one that can be found here.

Remember to complete the following task as well:

And here is your daily true or false task:


Last week we were surprised to find out that all of the pictures we looked at were taken in Africa!

Can you sort the same photos into two different categories – one for physical features and one for human features.

We can recap human and physical features here.

Have a look at the Young People’s Trust for the Environment website and think about the following questions:

1. What is deforestation?
2. Why is deforestation such a big issue?
3. Is deforestation a human or physical geographical feature?