Classroom Rules and Expectations

This morning in class the children will be talking about the rules and expectations for our new classroom. I’d like you to think about those as well.


We are basing some of our learning around the topic of the olympics. Have a look at the information about the olympics. Then I want you to do some research and find out what the flags of some of the olympic countries are like. Make sure to draw them carefully.


Complete the starter activity maths mat.

You now have some Olympic code breakers to complete. Solve each of the calculations on sheet 2. Then look at sheet 1 to see which letters they match with. You should now have the names of some winter olympic sports.


Today the children in school are going to be drawing a portrait of themselves in pen and then adding a blue watercolour wash over it – this to represent Picasso’s blue period.

Can you at home draw a portrait in pen? If you have some colours you could colour it blue.