Watch the following Maths video – Divide with Remainders

Remember to stop the video to answer the questions and to complete the questions on the worksheet when asked.

Worksheet available as a pdf on Class Dojo in portfolios.


Read Chapter 16 with us on Zoom.  Today the task will be to retrieve information from the Chapter, in the form of a series of comprehension questions.  Something we do all the time at school.  You will need to keep referring to the chapter to find the evidence.


More time will be given today to finish your research.  Remember, you need to add interesting information to your plan.  Your audience is everyone, the purpose is to inform and you should plan your report to be quite formal.  Attach your plan to your portfolio for feedback before you start your writing tomorrow. 



Complete the science knowledge recap. Look through the information about the phases of the moon.

Complete the worksheet labelling the phases of the moon.

Could you now draw the different phases of the moon. If you have chalk and it is a dry day maybe you could chalk them outside.