Watch the following Maths video – What Is A Fraction?

Remember to stop the video to answer the questions and to complete the questions on the worksheet when asked.

Worksheet available as a pdf on Class Dojo in portfolios.


Inference Lesson.  Read Chapter 17 with us on Zoom at the usual time of 10:30.  Today’s task is to think about the feelings and emotions of the characters before and after Phileas Fogg takes control of the ship.  If you are stuck, there is a modelled answer on Dojo.


Your research for your non chronological report should now be complete.  Today, you will begin your writing, taking care with a formal tone and making sure you are informing the public about a place you want to travel to, or have travelled to.  Maybe you will inspire one of your teachers to go and visit a new place!  Remember to use subheadings appropriately.  You have four days to complete this piece, you should be striving for good quality writing.  If you wish to type your report and add photos, you can. 

I know it’s hard when you are working at home, but if you were at school, we would not accept work which is not to standard, would we?  It’s the same thing.  You have four sessions, use them wisely, maybe one subheading a day.  Ask for feedback, attach your work daily to your portfolio and make changes as you go, always striving to improve.

We will be looking for: relative clauses (who, which, where, when, whose or that), different conjunctions and select vocabulary which reflects the level of formality.


Birth of the Khalsa

Watch the video link to hear another Sikh story.

Now answer the questions on the worksheet on your portfolio.


Wednesday is PE day in Y5. On youtube we would like you to have a go at one of the PE lessons with Joe Wicks. Send us a photo or a message to your portfolio to show us how you get on.