Today we are cracking codes! Using a whole host of maths skills, let’s see who is first to crack our Chinese New Year code!

See you at 11am for MEGA MENTAL MATHS ZOOM Friday!


Your spelling test has been set on SpellFrame. Make sure you access the test throught your dashboard on Spelling Frame when you log in. Make sure to practise before you take the test!


Today you are going to be like Mr Smithers!

Create your own Gadgets

This week you have created your own spy! Today we want you to focus on creating gadgets for your spy to help them on any missions. Alex was given a Nintendo DS, Zit Cream and a special yoyo. What will your spy have? Maybe it will be a fidget spinner with a hidden ability, a pair of glasses with a built-in device or it could even be a lipstick with special alterations?  Be creative and think about what your spy would carry with them.

Draw diagrams and explain the special features of your gadgets. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

Anthony Horowitz is constantly asked about the gadgets he has created for Alex. Click here to read about all of them and get inspired!

Screen Free Friday!

You’ve completed your work for this half term and we’d like to encourage you to take part in our afternoon of screen free time. Here are some activities to try out at home:

  • Build a den! Create your own chill out space in the house
  • Play a board game
  • Write your own song
  • Make an obstacle course to complete
  • Draw something that makes you happy