Year 6 Home Learning Friday 15th January


Live Zoom for Maths at 11am. Bring your pencil and paper. Mega Mental Maths!

Give Me 5 on portfolio

Lesson Link – The First Quadrant

Please find the correlating worksheet on the portfolio section

 Read up to page 27 “None of it made sense.”

Quick Fire Retrieval

  1. What is on top of the wall surrounding J B Strykers?
  2. What newspaper is the guard reading?
  3. What is the size of the crushed car compared to on page 25?
  4. What causes Alex’s eyes to water?
  5. What colour is Ian’s BMW?

Main Question: Look at the paragraph beginning “Ian Rider hadn’t died in any accident” on page 26. What conclusions can you draw about the death of Ian Rider based on this description?


Friday is spelling test day. Hopefully, you’ve used spelling frame to practise your spellings using a hyphen this week. When you log in to Spelling Frame, you will see an active tests option. Please click into there and complete your spelling test. This way your results will be sent directly to your teacher and we can see your hard work. The practise mode is still available so maybe practise on that mode beforehand to make sure you feel confident.

New Spelling Rule – 45 Words with the /i:/ sound spelt ei after c. Look at the PowerPoint slides which explain this tricky rule. Once you’ve done that, use your spelling frame account to practise words which follow this rule.

Art and P.E

Art – During the Spring half term, our focus in art is Pointillism. Watch this YouTube clip to learn about the artist George Seurat and this style of art. Within the clip is a tutorial to create a pointillism inspired autumn tree image. Why not give this a go this afternoon? Don’t worry if you don’t have paint, you can still imitate the art style of pointillism using felt tips or another medium.

P.E – Fridays are PE day! It’s time to get up and get moving.
YouTube is a great place to find suitable at home work P.E sessions such as Joe Wicks or Go Noodle.
our next block in P.E was scheduled to be dance. Why not try one of the dance sessions on Strictly Come Dancing star Oti’s YouTube channel.