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Today’s lesson will be on LBQ. Please see DOJO for Code.


Finish reading the chapter, ‘The School Bully’.

Explain why you think Horowitz titled this chapter ‘The School Bully’? Who do you think would fit the definition of a bully based on your reading of this chapter? Write your answer using evidence from the text to justify your opinion.


Friday means spelling day. Log on to spell frame to complete your test for this week ( rule 58). Remember to enter the test via the dashboard to ensure your score is recorded. You can always practise the rule first before the test to make sure you’re feeling confident.

New Rule 59. Take time to practice both on spelling frame and through using other strategies e.g. writing them out in colourful pens.


Watch the parable of ‘The Lost Son’ here:

After watching the clip, answer the following questions:
1) What did the younger son choose to do?
2) Why did he return?
3) Can you understand why the older son is upset?
4) What message does this parable give us about love? Is the father’s love for his son conditional or unconditional?