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Finish reading chapter 2 “Heaven for Cars”

Quick Fire Retrieval

  1. On page 27, where was the only hiding place?
  2. Where was the crane lifting the car to?
  3. How did Alex escape the car?
  4. What grade is Alex in karate?
  5. Tell me 3 things about Alex’s appearance following the incident in the breakers yard.

Main Task
What does the author mean at the end of the chapter when he uses the phrase, ‘He could have been looking a lot worse’?


Join me on Zoom and we will continue working on our information text about key figures in Computing. Today we will write a paragraph about Bill Gates similar to last week’s paragraph on Tim Berners Lee.


Where are the Earth’s biomes?
In this lesson, we are going to be learning about where the Earth’s six major biomes are located and how their position on the Earth impacts their climates. We conclude by considering the huge variation that exists within continents. Don’t worry if you missed the first lesson of this as the first 5 minutes briefly recaps lesson1. Please watch the lesson, pausing when you are given questions and make a note of any answers in your book. Take a photo of your work and upload it to dojo for the Y6 team to see.

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