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Begin reading Physalia Physalis up to page 99, “When Sayle stood next to him, the eyes were almost at the same level as his and held less warmth than the jellyfish.”

Quick Fire Retrieval

  1. Where was Alex collected from?
  2. Which music artist does Alex request in the car?
  3. What had been mined in Cornwall for three thousand years?
  4. Look on page 97, what is the name of the piece of art in the hall?
  5. What is in the tank?

Focus on pages 98 and 99. Draw the scene including the setting and Sayle using the descriptions from the text to guide your work. Once you have drawn the scene, add quotes from the text as labels. E.g. if you draw his ring, you can add the quote “gold signet-ring” next to it.


Join me on Zoom where we will discuss our writing task for this week – an informal letter to Alex from Ian. After the lesson, please look at the model text and highlight examples of Y6 expectations, which you will include in your own writing later this week.


We have been learning about biomes around the world looking at how their location affects the human and physical features of that place. Today I want you to choose one biome from the following list: Desert, Grasslands, Savanna Tundra, Tropical Rainforest, Temperate Forest, Taiga.
We want you to explain the key features of your chosen biome including the climate, precipitation, flora and fauna and any other interesting facts.
How you choose to present your work is up to you! You might make a poster, make a PowerPoint, create a fact file or even build a biome using craft materials with labels showing your knowledge. Please upload an image of your work onto dojo.