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Begin reading the chapter ‘Behind the Door’ up to page 172, “The main body of the factory was here underground.”

Today our reading focus is vocabulary. We need to use different strategies to think about the meaning of unfamiliar words. You might swap in a synonym, use a dictionary, look for clues within the word e.g. can you spot a root word? There are many ways to uncover the meaning of new words. Have a go at these comprehension questions based around understanding vocabulary taken from the extract you have read today.

  1. Which word is closest in meaning to the word ‘adjusted’? (167)
    a) cleared           b)   adapted              c) worsened             d) vanished
  2. Which word is closest in meaning to the word ‘retreated’? (168)
    a) thickened       b) entered                 c) withdrew             d) arrived
  3. Define the word sodden. (168)
  4. Which word is closest in meaning to the word ‘converted’? (169)
    a) abandoned     b) improved             c) changed                d) organised
  5. Look at page 169, find and copy a word which shows Alex moves with caution.
  6. Look at page 169, find and copy two different words which show the first grille was fixed in position.
  7. Using your knowledge of the prefix ‘de’, define the word decontamination. (171)
  8. Look at page 172, what does Horowitz mean when he says Alex had only seen ‘the tip of the iceberg’?


 Join me on Zoom where we will look at bringing together our learning on proof-reading and editing. After the session, complete the task on dojo where you will need to proof-read an extract of text and also offer suggestions to edit and improve.  


Occupations – Lesson Video on Dojo.

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Talk about your family and what work they do. Please record this and post this on DOJO.

Tell us where your mother, father, brother and sister work.