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Percentage of an amount

Please find the correlating worksheet on the portfolio section.


Begin reading the chapter, “Death in the Long Grass,” up to page 140 where it says, “Someone had deliberately led him away from the correct path and brought him here.”

Today I want to you to focus on the fluency of your reading. Are you reading with expression? Are you paying attention to the punctuation as you read? We would like you to read this section aloud and make either a video or an audio clip (you don’t have to be on screen) and upload this to your portfolio.


Proof-reading your work is a vital skill in Writing. Today we are going back to basics and will be proof-reading a piece of work, which needs improving. There are many grammatical errors within the work. Can you read it carefully and edit ensuring that basic skills are correct.


Today we are learning about the items in our pencil cases and whether the noun is masculine or feminine. Please complete the worksheet on the portfolio section of your dojo after working through the powerpoint.{5a18c9dc-a90c-4881-b245-3ba3475ed267}&action=embedview&wdAr=1.3333333333333333&wdEaa=1

Please click on this link for today’s french lesson.