Monday 25th January


Give Me 5 on portfolio

Lesson Link – Three Decimal Places

Please find the correlating worksheet on the portfolio section.


Read to page 71 where it says, ‘It happened in the killing house.’

Quick Fire Retrieval

  1.  Which unit does Alex join?
  2. What is Alex’s code name?
  3. Tell me three things we are told about Wolf.
  4. Look at page 69, what skills did Alex learn?
  5. How long did it take Alex to complete the assault course by the end of the week?

Main Task – Explaining vocabulary.

  1. Why do you think Alex was given his code name? What does that particular name suggest about him?
  2. What does the nickname ‘Double 0 nothing’ tell us about how the men view Alex?
  3. What does the phrase, ‘adventure playground from hell’ tell us about how Alex views the assault course?


Join me on Zoom for your live lesson where we will discuss features of persuasive writing. After the lesson, please look at the model text and highlight examples of persuasive devices and features of a letter. This will help you later in the week when we go on to write our own.  


What affects an ecosystem?

In this lesson, we are going to be learning about the climatic factors and human activities that impact biomes and the ecosystems within them. Please watch the lesson, pausing when you are given questions and make a note of any answers in your book. Take a photo of your work and upload it to dojo for the Y6 team to see.

Lesson Link –